Interim Engineer – temporary engineering services

Preparing an engineer to perform the tasks of an engineer in an investment/ technical/maintenance department in an efficient way is time-consuming and costly, not every organization is interested in it, or does not have available resources. The success of an organisation is strongly dependent on the competence of its employees. The innovative PRIMEBERG service, which consists of temporary secondment of engineers to the Customer’s organization, is the answer.

We offer services of experienced engineers of various specializations, having not only the knowledge of the field and industry but also the knowledge of good practices in the execution of technical tasks.

Benefits from the Interim Engineer:

  1. Quick availability of the right specialist
  2. Introduction of expertise into the organisation
  3. Acquiring good practices
  4. Using professional tools developed by PRIMEBERG
  5. Possibility of using professional support of other PRIMEBERG specialists and experts

Updating the layout of the project

We offer support in developing and/or updating the layout of entire technological lines. We recommend designing with reference files (X-Ref). We also provide drawing management services during the entire life cycle of the project, as well as updating drawings of existing installations and technological lines.

The scope of service may include:

  1. Verification of compliance of manufacturers’ drawings with specification (dimensional compliance)
  2. Development and management of the overall layout of the installation or technological line
  3. Verification and updating of the as-built version
  4. Verification and updating of the layout of already existing installations and technological lines

Up to date and complete engineering documentation

Standardisation of the management of technical documentation

  • Classification and standardisation of project documentation
  • Classification and standardisation of technical documentation
  • Encoding, sharing and automation of documents
  • Updating procedures

Updating of technical documentation

The quality of technical documentation has a significant impact on the quality and effectiveness of technical departments and the RU, and consequently on the effectiveness of the entire organisation. Nevertheless, the production plants do not always have up-to-date documentation, which is often due to a lack of resources to update it.

We offer support in verifying the content and quality of technical documentation and its updates or additions:

  1. Operating instructions
  2. Machine structures
  3. Preventive/Inspection plans
  4. Manuals
  5. Bill of Materials (spare parts lists)