Modern Industrial Project Management

Industrial Project Management is a well-thought-out and practical method that is highly oriented towards industrial reality. 5 phases of industrial project management, 22 areas of good practices. It is a methodology based on experience, well-thought-out tools and good practices.

The IPM is an integrated methodology with a clear philosophy:

“Providing knowledge and practices for the successful execution of projects. Quickly, transparently, practically!”

The scope of the field (types/scope of projects) for individual modules and practical workshops are agreed with the Client and implemented on the basis of industry examples, which are part of the Client’s organisation. Depending on the Customer’s needs, training courses and workshops cover selected or all IPM directional areas.

The IMP is dedicated specifically to projects involving:

  • construction and expansion of industrial plants,
  • relocation of production lines,
  • optimization projects
  • management of complex overhaul projects.


I. Project initiatives management

systemize to the way of sending proposals and analysing industrial project initiatives, launching relevant projects and allocating budgets optimally focused on business benefits and risk management of the organization

II. Project preparation

transparent steps to define objectives, organisational and financial responsibilities, stakeholders and the organisation of the project team, planning approaches and communication in the project

III. Definition of products and execution preparation

design the best solution for your company, recognise and check the bidders, select and organize contractors, manage the risk of the project

IV. Project execution

benefit from best practices in project execution, systematize commissioning and start-ups, bringing more benefits to your organization while reducing risk, assessing suppliers and monitoring project progress

V. Project closure

hand over project products for use, improve project management processes, settle and summarise the project in accordance with the best standards

The standard / the methodology for Industrial Project Management developed by PRIMEBERG is:

Key benefits of the IPM implementation

    • an effective and harmonised approach to project management
    • significant improvement in the quality of project implementation
    • reducing the risk of project failure
    • the best and most intuitive IT project management tools implemented
    • the shortened time of development of good practices for industrial projects and improvement projects – dozens of practical solutions ready to be implemented and applied
    • selection of methods and optimal frequency of project inspections

Why PRIMEBERG? – Experience…

We are a company specializing in providing services related to Interim Management in the operational and project areas.

Why PRIMEBERG? – Practical approach…

Project management is based on the best-known standards and terminology, but we make it easy to apply.

Our consultants are practitioners with international experience in large corporations their practice is a guarantee of the most effective approach.

We have experience in the selection, adaptation and use of project methodologies.

Why PRIMEBERG? – Tools…

Every day we use the most intuitive and modern IT systems for project management.

The audit of projects/industrial project management

We offer project audits and audits of the entire industrial project management system.

The service is provided by experts in this field, and the product of this service is a report containing:

  • an objective assessment of the current state of management and the standards applied in this area
  • Identification and highlighting of observed good practices
  • recommendations aimed at improving the management of industrial projects, tailored individually to the Customer’s organisation
  • a preliminary plan of implementation of the recommendation in the form of a portfolio of projects
  • a proposal for support in the implementation of the recommendation in practice.

Implementation of IPM practices – Pilot projects

We are practitioners. We implement IPM by implementing a project with the Client.

As part of pilot projects, we offer standardization of the project approach in the entire Customer’s organization or in the pilot area – implementation of IPM practices. Practices gathered by PRIMEBERG Consultants are focused on measurable effects for organizations, achieved in each of the IPM phases.

  1. PROJECT INITIATIVES MANAGEMENT => When and why does an initiative become a project?
  2. PROJECT PREPARATION => what does the project have to provide for my organisation?
  3. DEFINITION OF PRODUCTS AND EXECUTION PREPARATION => how to ensure the quality of the project – do suppliers know what to deliver and under what conditions?
  4. PROJECT EXECUTION => how will we manage our own and external resources?
  5. PROJECT CLOSURE => Have we achieved the objectives of the project and how will we improve the effectiveness of future projects?

The implementation process is each time adjusted to the objectives and conditions of the Client. The standard steps for IPM implementation include:

• Establishment of a project team for IPM implementation
• Audit/Analysis of current industrial project management processes
• Conclusions and recommendations
• Methodology adaptation
• Training and workshops for the project team
• Development of industrial project management rules, standards and tools and selection and implementation of IT tools
• Pilot projects supported by PRIMEBERG consultants
• Methodology and standards adjustments, internal training of further specialists.

Tools, procedures and instructions…

As part of the execution process, we standardize:

  • tools used in the planning and execution of industrial projects
  • project management processes
  • manuals and procedures and documentation of the integrated management system for industrial projects

Procedures for the management of industrial projects

The procedures standardize and facilitate the work of project teams. Well-prepared, they improve the quality of work in projects and reduce the risk of their failure. However, we often encounter situations in which the procedures are too complex and/or incomprehensible, hamper the work and waste the time of the project team.

Based on the practical experience of PRIMEBERG Consultants, we offer to our Clients:

  1. Review and evaluation of existing procedures in terms of their usefulness
  2. Elimination of “dead” documents and adjustment of current procedures to the level acceptable to the Client’s organization
  3. Development of the missing set of practical guidelines and tools to improve the effectiveness of industrial project management
  4. Conducting workshops and training in order to explain the correct and effective application of procedures and tools related to project management within the organization

The IPM training courses

Practical training courses on industrial project management…

A modern organization is developing dynamically… and development is about projects. We offer open and dedicated training, which in a cross-sectional way prepare for the execution of industrial projects:

  • Construction and expansion of industrial plants
  • Informatization and automation of the industry
  • Adaptation of factories and other industrial facilities to legal requirements
  • Conducting complex overhaul projects

The methodology of Industrial Project Management is a detailed identification of 5 phases of industrial projects together with dozens of good practices taken from hundreds of industrial projects. Learn about the experiences of others, exchange experiences, improve project management processes in your organization:

  • Practice: Methodology based on experience from many industrial projects
  • Industrial orientation: A single methodological package tailored directly to industry
  • Time-saving: A real compendium of knowledge and tools in one place

During the training course, PRIMEBERG experts will provide a very practical package of knowledge and tools in a friendly way, i.e.:

  • we will explain how to approach project and portfolio management in practice
  • we will discuss the most important issues from the phase of proposing initiatives, through the preparation of the project and the definition of its products, to the execution and closure of the project
  • we will address the selection and management of suppliers in the various phases of the project
  • we will present a unique approach to the preparation and execution of technical and operational commissioning and start-ups, developed by PRIMEBERG within the framework of IPM
  • we will present samples of documentation and design tools
  • we will present recommendations for interactive tools facilitating cooperation.

During many practical workshops, you will practice the skills gained during the training course.

The training program is available on request or in brochures of open training courses.

Project Managers Certification

Do you want to check if you have good practices in the field of industrial project management? – Join the PRIMEBERG Industrial Project Management Certification Program!

IPM1 – Project Team Member

– Completion of the basic IPM training course provided by PRIMEBERG

– Participation in one or more industrial projects as a permanent member of a project team or project leader

IPM2 – Project Manager

– Completion of advanced IPM training course provided by PRIMEBERG

– Participation in at least one industrial project as project leader

– Passed IPM2 exam

IPM3 – Project Expert

– Completion of advanced IPM training course provided by PRIMEBERG

– Participation as a project leader in at least 3 industrial projects

– At least one IPM basic training course has been conducted

– Passed IPM3 exam